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Eclips EZ200

Eclips EZ200

High Drive Tilt/Swing Upper/High Speed Steel Flex-Trac Machine

The EZ200 is a 200hp purpose built machine designed for timber and vegetation management, powered by the Catpillar 3116 Tier II engine. The EZ200 features a standard universal attachment mount that allows Original Equipment Manufacturers ("OEMs") to adapt a wide range of attachments to the machines robust boom and stick configuration. The EZ200 is equipped with a zero to short tail swing upper with boom mount to support a conventional or extended boom and stick arrangement. The rotating upper body features a FOPS certified cab that is isolated from the engine compartment as well as a 20 degree forward tilt mechanism for improved machine function and operator comfort.

Multi-Purpose Track Vehicle
This unique vehicle brings speed, durability, and versatility to the global marketplace with applications in the forestry, mining, oil & gas, construction and agricultural sectors. The vehicle incorporates Risley’s patented suspension system and patent pending "Flex-Trac", a durable, flexible on/off road steel track system. All of the Eclips vehicles are designed to handle adverse terrain and ground conditions with the speed and versatility of wheeled machines due to its innovative polymer encapsulated torsional track system. The durable steel track allows for inherited torsional stress to be evenly transferred through each link over the entire length of the track.
In addition the Flex-Trac patented design, the EZ200 and EX400 also feature Risley’s patented Dynamic Oscillating Suspension designed to distribute the machine load between the front and rear axels and provide a ‘soft-ride’ and unequaled machine stability. This system allows the vehicles to “float like snowshoes” in almost all ground conditions.

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